Plan your next trip and keep cabin fever at bay

Plenty of us enjoy travel. The virus has put it all on ice for now, and I stopped counting how many trips had been cancelled when I needed more than 2 hands.

The risk is that we pause, for now, delay, then eventually shelve those trips.

If you’ve planned and budgeted for the trip, don’t stop.I’ve been encouraging people to take that cash and set it aside in a future holiday fund. It might be that you cant take 2 trips next year – we can only take so much time off work, but it might be that on your next trip you spend another couple of days doing something you couldn’t justify before, upgrade your flights or accommodation or maybe just sneak in a couple of long weekends away.

Weighing up how much better your next trip will be is a pretty good way to ward off cabin fever, for a while anyway.

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