Jonathon Mannion

Senior Financial Adviser & Founder

At the ripe old age of 13, I decided to have a serious chat with my dad about money. As a young teenager, I wanted to do more things with my life; to do this, I knew I needed more money. I put it to my dad that my pocket money needed an increase. My dad, being an enterprising man, felt he had a solution. He had a factory floor that needed sweeping and a broom, but no-one was available to push it. I worked through from 13 every holiday, earning money, saving some, spending most until I had a full-time job.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Money might provide freedom, but it doesn’t come for free. Hard work paid off and earning money was something that I understood, however, my major pivot point in life about the power of money came at the age of 26. At that stage, I worked with a colleague who had grown up in a family who talked openly about investments and their place in life. He explained, gently, that I wasn’t making great use of my savings and that I could add to my salary by investing some of that spare cash. He took me through what to think about, what to look for.

​I have no sense of direction, and at that time, TomTom was launching the very first GPS units. Making the decision to make my first investment, I bought shares in TomTom when they floated; and it was like someone had turned on the lights for me about investing.

Working provides an income while you are working, investing provides financial freedom while you are busy doing other things.

My early lessons in life have empowered me, along with my continuous thirst for knowledge. I’m focused on supporting the people I work with; to understand by taking the right steps today that together we can create the financial future they want to achieve.

​Success for me is my clients knowing that I care about my relationship with them and helping them to achieve their dreams.


  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial planning
  • Diploma of Financial planning
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)


  • Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia
  • Tax Practitioners Board — Tax (Financial) Adviser

Kerrod Holland

Financial adviser

As a child enjoying holidays on the sunny NSW Central Coast, my summer days were filled with simple joys: the quest for the next ice cream cone or a packet of hot chips. Yet, even in those carefree moments, I was puzzled by a fundamental question: why did everything I loved have to cost money? This curiosity led me to hustle for my daily treats, hunting for lost golf balls to sell back to players on the 8th tee off. This was where my journey in finance began, sparked by the thrill of earning and the desire to understand the value of money.

By the age of 14, I was investing all my savings from my part-time job into shares, diving headfirst into the world of finance in 2007—that didn’t turn out so good. These early experiences were not just about profit and loss; they were profound lessons in financial literacy and resilience.

Becoming a financial advisor was a natural progression for me. It wasn’t just about a career; it was about turning my passion for finance into a lifelong mission to empower others. I’ve learned that financial missteps in adulthood can have lasting impacts, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients navigate these challenges to secure their financial future. My approach is simple: your success is my success. I am committed to providing guidance that aligns with your best interests, and if I believe there’s a better option for you, I’ll be the first to recommend a new direction.

Bachelor of Economics – University of New England

  • Graduate Diploma Financial Planning – Kaplan Professional
  • Introduction to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds – Kaplan Professional
  • Tax (financial) Adviser – Tax Practitioner Board
  • Certificate III & IV in Electro-technology (Electrician) – NSW Tafe

Why Sandringham Wealth?

As a well-resourced financial planning business with the capacity to grow, Sandringham Wealth focuses on that personal touch — looking after a limited number of great people and their families.

If you’re looking for a large organisation with regular changes to the advisor looking after you and slick marketing brochures, we probably aren’t the right fit.

Our ambition at Sandringham Wealth is to understand your needs, to work with you to create a unique plan — saving you both time and money. Our approach to financial planning is dynamic because your circumstances and needs change over time.

We continually assess your options and investment choices to ensure you remain on track, and limit the uncertainty and the worry.

What our clients tell us we do well is the personal touch, the focus being on supporting and guiding them.

Have a read through the reviews when you get a minute, we think you’ll like them.

Life is unpredictable and we need to be flexible.

  • If you need an evening appointment, or a super early one to fit your schedule, they are available.
  • If you need a video appointment whilst you’re travelling, a text reminder because you’ve got a thousand things on your mind, consider it done.
  • Need a chat over a coffee because something is worrying you, or a share market discussion whilst fishing, I’m in (just quietly, I love these).
  • If you really need to buy some shares you’ve had your eye on, but you can’t take calls because you’re playing at a golf course that has extreme regulations, we’ve got you covered.

These are all real client scenarios from the last year.
If this sounds like the sort of adviser, the sort of team you want to work with, we’d love to have a chat