Beating social isolation

Something a bit different today. With the prospect restrictions starting to ease, I thought it was worth taking stock.

Life as we knew it came to an abrupt halt a month or so ago, we moved from long term aspirational goals to the basics, a short, sharp slide down Maslow’s hierarchy. It’ll have pushed some of us more than others, but I wonder if that slow climb back up might change things.

Going forward I’m going to make a subtle shift, a trick from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. Instead of “I have to” do X,Y or Z it now becomes “I get to” starting with my drive to the office. I get to drive to work – I’ve missed those 15 golden minutes each way every day – who’d have thought?

We’d got so busy at home (doing what exactly I’m not sure) that we’d stopped having people over – something I can’t wait to change.Restrictions are easing, but we aren’t out of this yet. I’ve just listened to a fascinating live stream with Dr Adam Fraser courtesy of Netwealth and XY Adviser around resilience, recovery and looking after yourself. He started out by saying that it is OK not to be OK. It is OK to be struggling with it – in the words of Ned Flanders “baking up a batch of frownies”. We all move through this differently. The number one takeaway for me was from his work with high-performance athletes on recovery – building in recovery, not once you’ve hit a wall, but every day.Every day, something to clear the mind – short and sweet, but dailyEvery week, something you love, something that brings you joy.Every month, one day of no responsibility. Still working on the detail with a young family, but I love the idea.

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