Are you clear on what is going to make you happy?

Want a salary? Maybe. How much and what’s the job?

Want to swap hours of your time at work for a memory-making family holiday, security for your kids and a comfortable retirement? Without hesitation, yes.

When I sit down with a new client for the first time, we put the money to one side to start.

We start with a blank piece of paper and I ask what they want help with, guidance on. Common answers?

1. Save tax

2. Get a better return

3. An investment property

My response to any of these types of “goals” is – what will that do for you?

Sure I get some blank stares, some awkward silence, but that’s OK. The change from the literal “what do you want” to “what will that do for you” is a fundamental shift in thinking and it takes a bit of time.

Getting to the heart of the literal goals above probably looks more like:

1. I want to take the family on the sort of holiday that we will remember for years to come

2. Property is really expensive, I want savings so I can help my kids buy one

3. I’m worried about how I’m going to survive in retirement

With real goals, something tangible we reframe what money means to you and it opens you up to a range of different ways to solve the same problem.

As simple as it sounds, some of the happiest clients I have, some of the best conversations, are when someone walks out clear on what is important to them (it’s very seldom money), and knowing they’ve got a plan to get there.

Want a plan that’s going to deliver those things that are truly important to you?

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