“Reassurance and confidence in interpreting information”
Linda Musumeci Vitullo
“Great bloke and great advice easy to understand”
Greg Butler
“Jonathon provides options and clearly explains each one. He has been the best thing for us to prepare for our retirement.”
Over the years I have engaged with many Financial Advisors through banks & other institutions all of which were from my perspective unsuccessful manly because the advisors offerings were restricted by the institution they represented. When I first met Jonathon Mannion (Sandringham) he made it clear to me that his advice was independent and free from corporate influences. Jonathon was immediately engaging & thoughtful in the way he discussed experiences, goals & opportunities. He shows a genuine empathy with his clients (or at least with me) life experiences & current situation & aspirations for the future. His advice encompasses the full life experience embracing family, work & lifestyle aspirations, as well as plans for retirement. His (your plans) plans are realised through a subtle mix of thought provoking discussion, self realisation through analysis of your current position & spending behaviour & what might be required to accomplish your stated goals. Jonathon's self deprecating humility helps bring a further sense of personal engagement in that he is comfortable to share his investment experiences, both successes & not so successful. I do not hesitate in recommending Sandringham Wealth to anyone seeking advice to engage with a business that will independtly guide them through the steps to rationalize their financial situation, build wealth & plan for retirement.
Patrick Wilkes
Absolutely the greatest advisor i have ever delt with his genuine and honest manner make johno very easy to trust and work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough. With him in your corner you are definitely in safe hands.
erin b
Quality of advice first class. Complete confidence and well looked after. Highly recommended
Jon Reeves
Jono is ethical, patient, empathetic and thorough - and is able to explain complex concepts to support our decision making. He has taken the time to get to know us and our aspirations - and has crafted a solid plan to achieve these goals. Jono has made financial planning fun !
Vicki Puttmer
Jonathon from Sandringham Wealth has been providing us with advice for a number of years now. His approach is always professional, and his calm and easy going manner is able to deal with our conservative nature and provide us with the assurances we need to be comfortable with our investments decisions around our retirement financial planning. I thoroughly recommend Jonathon's services.
Jimmy Waugh
Professional, intelligent, wholistic and personable has been my experience. However, more importantly I feel that I am understood, known, valued and 'nourished'. Jonathon has a real talent of helping you to understand what it is you really want out of life (even if you were not clear on it before you went in), and putting in place the steps to achieve these...with the 'right balance and perspective of heart and head'. The last few years could not have packed much more in it and to say Jonathon provided us with peace of mind does not express adequately the ministrations provided. Having worked in the financial field for 20 years myself, I know of none better.
Josephine Costabile
The advice and help I have received has been invaluable. Jono explained everything in a very simple way so I could understand all the investments made with my hard earned money. Retiring early was a big decision but I have complete confidence in the advice I have received.
Anne-Marie McQualter
Jono looks after my personal position and I highly recommend Jono. He is very customer centric and easy going person to deal with. He will find a solution to any matter and structure it around your personal circumstances. Very happy with the service provided, plus he is a genuinely good bloke.
Steve Pincham
Jono takes the time to listen and understand you. He is honest and forthright...he tells it exactly as it is. He works with you to achieve what you want and will also tell you if you are dreaming larger than is possible. He is always available to talk if you have concerns and both my husband and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks, and we do.
Karen Adams
I don"t readily recommend services to my friends unless I'm sure of the integrity of the provider and the fit of the service to their needs. In the case of Jonathon Manion at Sandringham Wealth, I have no hesitation recommending his services in financial planning to my family and friends. I have found Jonathon to be an honest, knowledgeable and respectful person who goes out of his way to ensure that his customers get the best result possible. The relationship you have with your Financial Adviser needs to be based on trust and will be long term, its important therefore, that you choose a good one.
Mark Welsh
Jono breaks everything down so I can understand exactly what is happening with my savings. I feel so confident that my money is in good hands with him and feel as though he truly looks after it as though I was a member of his family.
Penny Scorer